Sunday, May 31, 2020

From Pete F: More Minifigs get bases on their journey to Waterloo

These fine fellows are more of the Minifigs (and a few Hinchcliffes) that my dad painted last century. They are part of Wellington's cavalry for the 100 days campaign - two regiments of light dragoons - one British and maybe one Kings German Legion - I need to check the card index. One and a half regiments of Dutch/Belgian carabiniers - some with the cuirasses and a few in rather natty bicornes.

My dad painted them for the pleasure of painting rather than for wargaming so most of his collection did not get bases. They were displayed in long rows in a cabinet in my parents' dining room - six large shelves of Minifig goodness.

Slowly, slowly I am getting them based and ready for games. These are based so that I can use them for Black Powder or Blucher/ESR - I'm not sure how I feel about 3 riders representing a brigade in grand tactical games - but I don't think I have it in me to start Napoleonics again at a new scale... or maybe I do. Some of those 10mm figures are fantastic. Another option would be to make some giant sabots - have 12 figures represent a brigade,  and play on a really big table. Maybe with some of those long push poles like in war movie HQs. 

The regiment of Belgian Carabiniers (red facings, back row) appear to have been quite heavily engaged at Waterloo - although their heroism didn't make it into the movie. 58 killed, 68 wounded and 30 missing out of 400 in their regiment. The two regiments of dutch carabiniers saw many fewer casualties. 

A few of the horses suffer from lead droop and have to be repositioned before games - occasionally the back legs will break off - the small plastic tubes used to protect paint brushes make decent splints for quick and easy repairs.

I can't believe we're already in the last month of the Quarantine Challenge - it's motivating me to get on with this basing project so these troops can be ready for a big game when I can have people round to play again.

From DrQ: a Dwarf and a Tortle

Sorry for the late posting for the week. My city has been interesting the past few days—nothing like riots on top of a pandemic!

In any case, two small offerings for this week. First up, the Reaper Bones version of Pathfinder's iconic ranger, Harsk:

This is one of the first generation Bones minis, so the detail isn't nearly as crisp as it is with the later formulae. Still, he painted up alright.

Second is a kit-bashed tortle merchant I made from bits from Super Dungeon Explore and a Reaper Bones. The tortle is from the Caverns of Roxor box, and the pack is off of the Dreadmere Tortoise. The banner is a 3x5 card that has been hardened with super glue.

My plan is to use this little guy as a traveling merchant NPC in a future D&D game. My hope is that a tortle with a few high-power spells will be beefy enough so that a murder hobo party doesn't just kill him and grab his wares. 

Stay safe!

From MikeV: 1808 Portuguese in 6mm

Two more Portuguese regiments this week to bring up the total to three. These are the 10th Lisbon Line Regiment with white cuffs and the 14th Tavira Regiment with sky blue cuffs. The 10th carry the red Southern Region standard while the 14th bear the white Central Region one. My Portuguese force now totals twelve stands and 96 figures, giving a tabletop equivalent of 4,320 men. Another twelve stands to go before I reach my 24 stand target. As always, figures are from Baccus 6mm. This week I hope to add some Cacadores in their distinctive brown uniforms.  Until then, keep healthy.

14th Tavira (L) and 10th Lisbon (R) regiments
The 10th leading the 14th into battle
The two regiments joined by their comrades of the 4th (R)
The three regiments finished up to now

Afghans, DAK and British Intervention Force

This week I’ve been able to catch up a little. Still not quite as much as I’d like, but a decent number of figures compared with previous weeks.

There’s 11 more Afghans:

plus all of the Afrika Korps for my friend Jon - another 39 figures. Although there are also several “crew served weapons” I think only the MG34 should count for extra points.

The bulk of the troops:

Machine gun and radio:

and three support stands:

And finally, another command base, this time for the British Intervention Force, which is a slightly odd army created by the Perrys. The BIF were the British and Canadian forces intended to defend Canada against Union incursions in the ACW, and potentially intended to invade the US and aid the Confederates across the border, but were never called on to act. 

I like this army because, in essence, it's Victorian "fantasy". If it's ever going to get into action, then that action must be fictitious, so it could be used within ACW, Victorian Science Fiction/Steampunk or a Victorian Imagi-Nation, all of which I rather like the idea of. It makes me think of H G Wells, and is likely to form the basis of a slightly more extensive Victorian fiction of some description.

In total, then 51 foot, 1 mounted + 1 mg = 275 imaginary pts, all of which will contribute to the side challenge with Stuart, too, which now totals 775 pts.

With regard to my overall targets, it's pretty obvious I'm going to fail to meet these in the time remaining in this Challenge, but here's the state of play nevertheless. 

New Task
Old Task


Black Seas (1/700th)
2 merchants

British in Egypt: 1801

de Rolls’ regiment
Cape Wars
12 infantry


Command group


French in Egypt: 1801
Gun crew
3 Treemen
Italian Wars

Lord of the Rings

Minden (15mm)


Peninsular War

12 Spanish
Republican Romans

Sikh/Afghan Wars
Command stand
8 Irregulars
11 irregulars
1860s British IF
Command base
Union rebasing
1880s, the Sudan
18 British
6 landing craft
3 Civvies
6 zombies

WW2 Desert
3 trucks
39 Afrika Korps
15 Italians
Zulu War
Frontier Horse
Natal Carbineers
Pearson & Chelmsford
4 foot



From MartijnN: More small scale scenery

For some reason I do not seem to be able to get any figures done. However, I still have lots terrain pieces to paint and I spent some time on those.

First up is a Russian village from Hagen Miniatures. Funny how 1/300 seems to be just as fluid a scale as any other. These models are decidedly small, even for 6mm. Also, they are not very detailed. However, as an assembly I think it works quite ok, and as long as there are no buildings in the immediate vicinity from other makes they should be alright. The trees are from Les Hammond's  Terrain Shed.

Next up, a 6mm French house from Battlescale. I really like their buildings, both in 6mm and in 10mm.

Then, some earthworks, also from Battlescale. They are nominally 10mm, but  I think they would work with 15mm as well. These were painted in the same shade of Citadel Contrast paint (Aggraros Dunes), but one over a grey primer and one over Wraithbone, GW's recommended shade of off-white. The difference is quite marked! I disliked the darker tone so much that I drybrushed some green and yellow over it. They''ll both do now I guess. The wood by the way is Wyldwood, which is one of the best colours in the range I'd say. Just applied straight from the pot, and the shadow effect is very good.

Finally, a 10mm cottage from Battlescale, the companion of the building I showed you earlier. This was also primed grey, which accounts from the sombre tone. I will not repeat that experiment, I suppose. Still, the end result looks ok.

That's all folks! Thanks for looking, and stay safe.

from Ray R - Donnybrook Poor Folk

Once again, these have been sitting in the same bag I bought them in for many many moons!!
I'd take a guess at, at least 5 years!

So during the Lockdown I thought it was about time they got a lick of paint.
I'm not sure if they're still available or if they're even on the Redoubt website??

I kept the colours kind of muted and dull as the figures represent poor folk or old soldiers begging.
These of course will make in into the Donnybrook civvy box, one day they will make an appearance!

From MikeW: 28mm Ottoman Cavalry

Well this is my first post for quite some time as I have been struggling to get free time to paint.

It's a small three figure posting, but will be followed in the next day or so with another post - as I'm also nearly done with some Late 17th Century French Infantry...

So these little guys are representing Ottoman Heavy Cavalry in the late 17th Century, the figures were taken from a batch I got form eBay and were originally aimed to be Polish Winged Hussars.

However my collection is already pretty heavy in Winged Hussars and I have opted for the Warlord variety! These guys look generic enough to be any eastern heavy cavalry in my opinion!

So they are mounted on Hat Industrie - 28mm, Moorish plastic horses, these are good value at 12 per box. (I throw away the riders as I do not lie the figures, but you can often get these horses at less than 80p each - it all counts if working on a budget.

I added muskets, saddle holsters and bows and as ever I always use steel or brass spears for lances & pikes.

Added bow and Gripping Beast's Shield to this guy

The unseasonably hot weather in the UK has not done any
favours to the application of Army Painter's dip, will be adding some
thinners to get it to flow better on next batch

Second fella, simply added a bow to this one.

And a saddle holster, for his horse pistol

Final guy, he had a wheel lock Carbine added and a saddle holster

Angry end of an Ottoman Heavy CAvalryman!